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How Would You Like to Be Coached Personally by Our Team of Madden NFL 12 Experts?

Sgibs and Zfarls are waiting for you to claim your spot...

Are you looking to put your Madden NFL skills development on the fast track? Having trouble handling the cut-throat world of Madden NFL online play?

If so, then we are here to help. Our Madden NFL 12 seminars give you the opportunity to work one-on-one with our team of Madden NFL experts.

Sgibs and Zfarls have been getting in their reps for the last several months, and after hundreds of hours of lab time, they are ready to come to your aid.

Each one-hour Madden NFL 12 seminar session includes:

  • Analysis of your current skills and play style
  • Laser-focused game session to improve your weaknesses and maximize your strengths
  • Play and playbook recommendations based on your preferred style and ability
  • Help with setups, reads and adjustments
  • And personalized answers to your most important questions

Find an open time slot on the calendar below to book your seminar today!

Only $99.99

Week of June 10 2012

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